Experienced. Valued. Trusted.

Wingman Events president Kevin Walsh has been producing high quality, profitable, safe events across North America for more than 20 years. In addition to Kevin’s expertise as an air show director, Wingman provides shows support service talent from some of the most successful, cutting-edge professionals in the air show industry. Under the umbrella of Wingman Events, Walsh and his stable of air show professionals can provide the following services to shows:

Experienced. Valued. Trusted
  • Staff and volunteer management
  • Professional air boss coordination
  • Performer acquisition and negotiation
  • Sponsorship strategy, development and sales
  • Premium seating program development and sales
  • Advertising creative and media planning and purchase
  • Public relations
  • Total event management
  • Executive direction
  • Financial management
  • Air operations direction
  • Ground operations
  • Site development/event layout
Total Event Management